The Cottage School recognises the importance of school camps. The locations are chosen to facilitate a number of learning experiences, but they also provide the children with an opportunity to spend time away from the comfort of their own family. This encourages the growth of independence and responsibility.

Prep and Grade 1 children go to camp in fourth term. Their camp experience is in a homely atmosphere at Orana Guide Camp, Roches Beach. During the day, children play at the beach or go for a walk, followed by a hot Milo and home-made biscuits. Spot-lighting at night to see native animals is always fun, as are games of ‘hiake’ and ‘sardines’. In the evenings, children socialise, read, draw and play games and puzzles. Kinders are introduced to the idea of ‘Camp’ by visiting the Prep/1 group for a day.

Grade 2 children go to camp twice a year and Grades 3 – 6 children go three times a year. The winter camp is held where there are indoor facilities and sleeping accommodation. First and fourth term camps are true ‘camping’ experiences. Children erect tents, and depending where they are, food is cooked on a camp fire. Children learn about everyday facilities that can otherwise be taken for granted such as taking drinking water and using a port-a-loo. Children enjoy bush walking, shell collecting, swimming, exploring the environment, singing around the camp fire, spotlighting, playing ‘convicts and soldiers’ and performing plays. Children don’t enjoy scrubbing the porridge pot!

For all ages ‘Camp’ is a refreshing learning experience that encourages the development of the whole child. They come home happy, tired, dirty and a little bit smelly!

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