The Cottage School was established in response to a recognised need in the community for a school that focussed on educating the individual child in a nurturing environment. The caring environment supports children’s curiosity and desire to learn. The learning is meaningful and children acquire necessary skills to become competent and confident learners. Children are supported emotionally and through guidance, develop sound social skills. All areas of the Arts provide avenues for self expression. Regular excursions provide experiences that expand children’s horizons. Participation in games, camps and outdoor pursuits provide challenges and develop independence.

This underlying philosophy of education has helped shape a number of principles and values which help guide the Committee, the staff and the school community in the running of the school.

Cornerstones of The Cottage School Philosophy

  • Nurturing children’s spirit of inquiry and love of learning
  • Development of meaningful learning programs
  • Respect for individual development and choice
  • Development of a non-competitive environment for learning
  • Respect for the environment and regular outdoor learning opportunities
  • Respect for diverse values and beliefs
  • Consultation and considered decision making between community members
  • Careful use of resources

 Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Development of the whole child
  • Respect for individual differences and rates of progress
  • Engaging children in activities that stimulate and challenge them
  • Providing a safe, supportive environment for social development
  • A commitment to ‘best practice’ in teaching and ongoing professional development of staff
  • Participation in a wide range of learning experiences and cultural activities
  • Small class sizes and a ‘homelike’ learning environment
  • Regular outdoor learning experiences
  • Fostering different modes of thinking
  • Interaction across age ranges – in class groups and in play times
  • Respect for other cultures and celebration of diversity
  • A cooperatively managed school system
  • A healthy and effective food policy
  • Sustainability is practised
  • Interaction between school and local community

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