One of the cornerstones of The Cottage School philosophy is cooperative decision making. The school’s governance structure is based on this principle; decisions are made between members of the school’s community. The school is governed by a Committee consisting of the School Leader, teachers and parents.

The Committee meets monthly and is ably assisted by several subcommittees and working groups. Discussion is encouraged at Committee meetings and the aim is to reach a consensus on each decision. All members of the community are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to join in any discussion. Parent and teacher involvement at Committee level allows for input from parents regarding the way the school operates whilst safeguarding the integrity and accountability of the educational program.

Below are our Committee Members for 2023

Lou Kirkwood – President

Hannah Sun – Vice President

Sarah Bowles – Secretary

Joe Cleary – Treasurer

Hilary Purdie – School Leader

Tom Barnes – Class Teacher

Kath Windfeld-Petersen Kath Windfeld-Petersen – Class Teacher

Hana Patel – Class Teacher

  Michelle Mihalic – Class Teacher

  Stephanie Becker – Class Teacher

Robert Inches – Parent Representative

Donna Semmens – Parent Representative

Claire Austin – Parent Representative

Andrew McLachlan – Parent Representative









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