Music at the Cottage School is one aspect of the school’s holistic approach to learning.

Music is innate to humans and is a form of expression, enjoyment, social connection, intelligence and discipline. Music education contributes to intellectual development, socialisation, physiological well being and personal development including creativity and confidence.

The aim of the Music Program at the Cottage School is to nurture and encourage each child’s innate response to sound and movement and to enable opportunities to explore and experience the wide variety available in this learning area. Music lessons include  exploring sounds (in the environment and on instruments), exploring movements, listening to sounds and music of different styles and cultures, singing a variety of styles and forms of song, playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments  and reading and writing sounds in traditional and creative ways. Through these activities musical concepts and skills are sequentially developed through the primary school years. Performance skills are developed through regular school concerts and sharing within class groups.

There is provision in the Music program for children from Grade 1 onwards to learn the Recorder and for Grade 5 and 6 children Guitar lessons are available. Opportunities for attendance at performances e.g Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva for Schools and involvement in combined schools events such as Marimba Mania are also a a part of the Music Program. When appropriate, Music activities are linked in with areas already being explored in class groups.

When the time comes for a student to move on from the Cottage School it is hoped that music will always be a part of their life in some form or other and that their musical experiences will have contributed very positively to their personal and educational development.

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