The staff at Cottage School are special people that consider the school and its students a very important part of their lives. They are dedicated and passionate about the education of the children, not just their academic education, but the individual’s growth as a whole.


  Julie Leitch – School Leader

  Kath Windfeld-Petersen – Biggies 5/6 Teacher

  Tom Barnes – Middlies 3/4 Teacher

Hana1  Hana Patel – Middlies 1/2 Teacher (on leave 2019)

  Lee Cody – Middlies 1/2 Teacher 2019 (Monday-Wednesday)

  Skye Millar – Middlies 1/2 Teacher 2019 (Wednesday-Friday)

   Michelle Mihalic – Littlies (Prep) Teacher

IMG_4817  Steph Becker – Kinder & Pre-Kinder Teacher

  Kate Neasey – French & Poetry Teacher

  Shona Hunt – Music Teacher

  Owen Tubb – Physical Education Teacher

Annette  Annette Wilson – Administration

 Rory Sanders – Teacher Assistant Biggies 5/6

  Jeni Middendorf – Teacher Assistant Middlies 3/4

  Mary Biggs – Teacher Assistant Middlies 1/2

John John Bartley- Teacher Assistant Littlies (Prep)

Mel Melissa Thurling – Teacher Assistant Kinder & Pre Kinder

Support Staff

Heather Bickford  Heather Bickford – Cooked Lunch Coordinator