At The Cottage School the children learn French from an early age when they are most receptive to the music of the language. Through rhymes, games and hands-on activities children pick up the rhythms and patterns of spoken French. In following years the children develop those listening and speaking skills and most lessons also involve reading a French story book together.  By year six they have a good basic understanding of the language and are all set for continuing at high school if they desire.

The Cottage School feels it’s important to study other languages to help develop communication skills, encourage the children to explore other cultures and  to reflect on how language works.

The school has chosen to study French as it’s accessible to the children: The same alphabet is used for French and English and words are borrowed from each other. Students often move on to high schools where French is offered. Whilst the original peoples of our land are acknowledged and there are many links with Asian and African nations,  our culture is essentially European-based.


Of course the best thing about learning French is it’s a lot of fun so get involved!

 As parents and guardians, you can support your child by:-

–  Telling them about your memories of your own language lessons
–  Pointing out words from other languages on packages and ads
–  Asking your child to teach you some French words or a song
–  Replying in French when your child says ‘Bonjour’
–  Joining in one of our sessions

–  Exploring a website such as          

 Au Revoir

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