Sally’s Garden progressing well

Posted on Friday, 26th September, 2014
WP_001522.jpg WP_001615.jpg

Sally’s Garden is being created to recognise the founder of the Cottage School (1975).

The space at the front of the Green Cottage, which was previously a little unloved, is getting a much needed make over. In the spirit of Sally it is being transformed into an outdoor classroom complete with beautiful sandstone seating that encircles a fire pit come water play come table, new sandstone steps, small fruit trees (heritage apple), native grasses and a refurbished garden bed incorporating a ‘cubby nook’.

A very big thank you to Thierry Cueff and his gang for creating the lovely stone seating, steps and yet to come cladding on the retaining wall.

And Ben Walker for sculpting the fire pit (which will actually be more like a flaming wok!) that started it’s life ploughing the fields at Penna.

We are aiming to have it complete early in term four. Just in time for warm outdoor learning!

More information on the history of the school can be found here and more pictures here.