Sheep poo donation to gardens burnt in fires

Posted on Tuesday, 12th March, 2013
Sheep Poo Dunally
Jo (L) and Kerrie (R) from  the Tasman Dunalley Neighbourhood House with the donations.
The Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House Revegetation and Garden Restoration Program were VERY happy to receive 40 bags of sheep poo (and a couple of bonus spades) last week from the Cottage School, funded by profits from the Garden Market. The poo & tools will be distributed to gardeners affected by the January bushfires.
This photo also shows the community fruit garden (on the left) which was badly burnt in the fires. A number of fruit trees were killed, the netting which enclosed them plus the watering system were completely destroyed plus some of the timber framing which held the net. The fence behind the garden was also lost (hence the temporary hessian fence). A few of the surviving trees have however managed to sprout new growth.
If you are interested to learn more about this project please see: