Sheep poo dig a huge success

Posted on Wednesday, 15th August, 2012

Sheep poo $5 a bag

A big draw card for the Cottage School fair each year is the bags of quality sheep poo we sell. Gardeners have come to know and trust  this great garden fertilizer from the Cottage School fair. Unfortunately someone has to actually collect it, so twice a year the sheep poo coordinator (yes that’s how serious we take it) calls for volunteers to pack their BBQ lunch and head for the country with spades, rakes, buckets and other specially designed sheep poo collecting equipment.

Our first dig this year, under the new management of Andy Wells and Lesley Gardener, was a huge success. A very well organised couple of days saw an estimated 1,500 bags collected. That’s got to be a record!? There was a great turn out of school families that whilst doing the school a great service also get the opportunity to get to know people from the school community, particularly those parents who can’t do school drop off and pick up.

A very big thank you to our hosts, farmers Sarah and Steve, who not only opened their shearing sheds to the school, but also their home.

Lots of bags of poo makes for a very happy fair coordinator!

For more pictures check out the sheep poo dig gallery.