Parents’ Policy Pages

Welcome to the Parents’ Policy Pages

Not all of our Policies and Procedures are listed below. For a complete list of Policies and Procedures see our Policy List 2013. If you would like to view a policy that does not appear below, please contact Annette and she will either email the policy to you or give you a hard copy.


Anaphylaxis Management

Code of Conduct

Committee Meeting Process



Duty of Care & School Hours

Enrolment & Attendance

Exclusion Periods for Infectious Disease Cases


Hazard & Incident Reporting

Hazard Report Form

Manure Dig Safety Folder

Panadol Administration Permission Form

Parent Participation

Policy Framework and Approval Process

Responding to Discrimination

Responding to Suspicion of Child Harm

Responsible Use of Drugs

Responsible Use of Mobile Phones by Students

Review and Development

Roles & Responsibilities of Committee

Safe Food Handling

Sub-Committees & Working Parties


Working Bees

Working with Children Registration for Employees & Volunteers